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Zorrel utilizes cutting edge moisture transport technology that is amongst the fastest and most efficient in the marketplace today. Dri-Balance technology is a four step process that insures fast efficient moisture transport. We have been refining this technology for 15 years. Their biggest advantage over other makers is their control over the entire process, we take the raw cotton spin it, knit it, dye it and make the garments. There is virtually no other company in the world with the experience and vertical setup to control and optimize the process.

- 3-5 Seconds moisture transport rate. Industry standard for these garments are 15-30 seconds.

- No odor retention. Unlike pure poly garments which tend to retain odor even after washing Dri-Balance garments will be odor free for the life of the garment.

- No snagging- Polyester garments snag easily. Our shirts will not snag.

- Moisture Management for the life of the garment.

- Our tee will maintain 3-5 second wicking for the life of the garment 50 washings or more.