Following in a Canterbury championship tradition, the ladies of Pleasanton Cavaliers claimed the title of Division 2 High School Girls National Champions!  This came around just after another local CCC team, San Francisco Golden Gate won the inaugural Pacific Rugby Premiership title in Glendale, CO.
We had the honor of doing their custom jerseys earlier in the year and can't help but think of all the excitement their coaches had of the upcoming season.

Way to cap off an excellent 2014 season in Pleasanton, on all levels of their game.  But this was the cherry on top!!!

Here are the mockups and the final product of their custom Women's Everest Rugby Jerseys.




Here is recap of the USA Eagles through their 1991 Rugby World Cup pool play.  They were matched up against the New Zealand All Blacks, England and Italy.

We love the moment at the 3:00 mark when the opposite number US Eagle and the NZ All Black link up to trade jerseys after the game.  They are each beaten and battered but find the time to catch up and make the exchange.  Seeing the USA Eagles have only played the All Blacks a couple times in our rugby history, that exchange was a rare moment.

Let's bring back the tradition of exchanging jerseys with your opposite number in big matches!!!