2014 San Francisco Rugby Cup

SF Golden Gate Rugby Club, 725 California Ave, Treasure Island

May 17, 2014 9:00AM

Play Rugby USA is thrilled to invite you to the 2014 San Francisco Rugby Cup. This second annual tournament feature San Francisco and Richmond schools participating in the Spring 2014 season and marks the culmination of our second full year of after-school programming in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Teams will represent their school at this exciting tournament, testing their skills and teamwork while contending for the coveted cup trophy.

Rugby Cup Funding Drive:

Never too Late to Donate

There is still time to participate in the Rugby Cup Funding Drive for the 2014 Cup Series. Each year, we encourage all our seasonal tournaments. We are dependent upon the generosity of our supporters to fund our tournaments with costs ranging from, catering snacks and drinks for the participants, city permits and licenses, EMT support, and much more!

Please help us raise the funds we need to provide 240 youth rugby players a wonderful day out on the pitch.

* $15 will support a player

* $180 will support a team

* $3,600 will fund a seasonal tournament

This is part of a larger effort launched on CrowdRise to raise $20,000 to provide jerseys to the almost 1,700 players that will be competing in Rugby Cup events across the country. Every contribution helps us achieve our mission of "Developing Youth Through Rugby."